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October 12, 2021

Winner of 18th Swiss Cup Basel: Team De Cruz
The high level and exciting final was won in the last second by the Swiss team (De Cruz). After the Swiss were already leading 5:2 after the second end, the Swedish team (Edin) started a thrilling chase until 5:5 after the fifth end, but finally the Swiss team won with the score of 7:5.

Congratulations to the team De Cruz for another victory at the Swiss Cup Basel!
The winners of the Swiss Cup Basel 2021:
Team SUI De Cruz
Peter de Cruz     Valentin Tanner    Sven Michel      Benoît Schwarz

The small final was played by team SUI (Y. Schwaller) and the amazing juniors of team NOR (Høstmælingen). The Swiss finally won the close game 5:4.


We wish all the teams "good curling" for the upcoming tournaments and hope to see them all again at the 19th Swiss Cup Basel in 2022.